Review of Watts Premier RO-Pure

Review of Watts Premier RO-Pure

I recently re-purchased the Watts Premier RO-Pure after moving and leaving the old one at my last house. This time around I learned a couple new things.

What I learned:

  • System no longer ships with a manual (or at least mine didn’t). I don’t know why, but most the the manuals have been removed from the website as well. I have provided a backup here incase they remove this one as well.
    Watts Premier RO-Pure Manual.pdf
  • Some systems are shipping with a different faucet. This faucet appears to be faulty and appearently tends to leak, potentially flooding your kitchen. After 15 min of running the system I also experienced leaking. I dismantled the faucet I realized the blue hose was catching on the inside of the faucet preventing the hose from inserting completely and sealing properly. A little force with some back-and-forth twisting solved the problem.
  • Cutting the hoses reduces clutter and in cases may be required to prevent kinks in the hose.
  • The adapters that come with the kit does not cover all the possible hoses sizes. You may need to got to your local hardware store and pick up another adapter for your cold water supply.
  • Removing the filters will make installing the filter mount easier.
  • Unless you have a composite wood counter, you are probably going to have trouble creating a hole for the new faucet. With any luck you have an extra hole in the counter.

Even though I had some difficulty with the faucet leaking, I am very happy with the end result. The cost is 2/3 what I paid last time around. Both units made noise when filtering. This one sounds a little different but is not any louder than the last.

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    Even though there is much to look forward to, there are some downsides to the Watts Premier system that are evident.

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