How to mount RG6 and RJ45

How to mount RG6 and RJ45

So you have run your ethernet and/or coax and now you need to mount the wires…

3 years ago I ran RG-6  and RJ45 through my house but when it came time to mount to the wall I just screwed the face plate into the drywall. At the time I didn’t know how easy it was to do it the right way.

Disclaimer: I’m not an electrician. You should be extremely careful when working around live wire. I don’t know if this is the right way to do this, but it worked for me.

What you need:



  1. Laser Level

    Using a laser level to mark where the guide lines should be for cutting the drywall.

    Align and level the Low Voltage Box. 

  2. Cutting drywall

    Cutting the drywall for the new gang box.

    Use the small guide holes to mark the wall where you will be cutting.

  3. Use painters tape along the guides to keep paint from chipping. (I did not and ended up chipping the paint).
  4. Cut along the guide you have drawn with the Jab Saw.
  5. Gang box

    Securing gang box.

    Slide the Low Voltage Box into the wall and use the screws to clamp the anchors in place.

  6. Strip the both the coax and Cat5 cables.
  7. RJ45 Connector.

    Punched down RJ45 connector.

    Wire the Cat5 cable to the Cat 5E Quickport Connector using the Punch down Tool.

  8. Use the Coax Compression Tool to attach the RG6 Connector and screw into the Coax QuickPort Connector.
  9. Cable testing

    Testing RG6 and RJ45 cables.

    Test Cat5 connection with Network Cable Tester.

  10. Test Coax connection with Coax Explorer Tester.
  11. If connections are good, attach both Quickport Connectors to the Quickport Wallplate.
  12. Push cables into the wall and screw in wall plate.
  13. Test once more for good measure.
  14. Use drywall spackle and paint to touch up if needed.
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